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“Good design is all about making other designer feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.”

– Frank Chimero –


PR Services, Media Campaigns, Creative Launch Mechanisms –
We Know How To Get Your Message Out There.
Let Us Help You Show The World How Amazing Your Company Is.

650 pax, (Top) Win Big Draw Big Prize
(Bottom Left to Right) Draw Big Win Big boxes for prizes,
Monopoly Challenge, Winner of the Audi

Customised Game Creation

With Personalised Graphics
& Animation


Anybody you’re keen on having, we can help you!

Detailed Planning & Execution

Game and Draw Mechanics, Car Capsules and set-ups! We know, we’ve got your six!

BMW Showroom Launch & Showcase (1200 PAX, CUSTOM DECO)
Singtel Hii Fiesta (1200 PAX,100ft tentage with drapes, overseas artistes management, concert av setup, professional security, packing and transportation of 1200 goodie bags, customised dance)

You have a great event and the story to spin it. You also have a dream list of media whose attention you’d love to grab. Now it’s time to connect the dots. The most tried and tested way to get the attention of the media is a press release. Journalists and publications get countless press releases, so you have to make yours stand out. Count on us to make your press event and launches a great hit!

Our Mission Is To Become As Essential As Oxygen To Our Clients 

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